MinexSwap Developement Update #1

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The MinexSwap Hype week was a success, and it was a lot of fun !

We were able to provide some great entertainment for Binance smart chain users while growing our community on twitter and telegram.

Our fundraising for the mining pool contract started, and we are now fully focusing on development and marketing.

Minexswap.com October / November Data :

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Unique visitors : 1,387
Number of visits : 4,970
Hits : 32,813

Twitter followers : 1,860

Telegram members : 1,287

We have listened to our community and will launch a temporary staking solution for token sale participants.

Until the platform launches, and until PICKS is distributed, TPICK Holders will be able to Mine and extract 3 different tokens from a temporary mining pool contract.

A new token will become available to mine Every 1,000 BNB raised ⛏️

How to start mining :

  1. A new “TPICK Staking” page will open on the site soon.
  2. You will be able to stake TPICK and mine BNB, BUSD and TWT.
  3. Chose the amount of TPICK you want to stake and simply press the “Send to work” button to start mining.
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We have contacted a pro design agency and made an agreement to let them handle the UX/UI part of Minexswap.

Platform design delivery time estimate : 2 weeks.

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Conversation with our design team on Telegram

This is one of the Big news we are releasing in this development update.

We have secured a partnership with a state of the art Multi-chain Casino !

We are bringing next level blockchain gaming to Binance smart chain users.

You will soon be able to use BNB, PICKS and a few more BEP-20 tokens to play Dice, Crash, Wheel, Hi-Lo, Slots… and even Bet on Sports !

  • Onchain bets

Most of the BEP-20 profits generated on the Multi-chain casino will be sent to our Mining pool contract and redistributed to PICKS holders.

  • Offchain bets

BSC Users will also be able to play offchain games, and PICKS holders will also earn a small portion of the profits generated from offchain games.

More details on this partnership will be revealed soon, stay tuned !

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/tip /airdrop /rain

Our development team is working to release the first BEP-20 tip bot ever made for telegram.

You’ll be able to tip, rain and airdrop BEP-20 tokens directly on telegram.

(BNB, BUSD, BTCB, TWT, PICKS, CAKE, DRUGS, NAR, BIFI, BAKE, BURGER… are some of the tokens you’ll be able to transfer between telegram users.)

PICKSY will be a great tool to add to the BSC ecosystem, and it will be easy to use.

Simply add the bot to your telegram group to start enabling BEP-20 tips, airdrops and rains.

Going Beyond :

  • NFT transfers

BSC Users will be able to send each others NFTs directly on telegram.

  • Fee redistribution

100% of the fees collected from the tip bot will be sent to our mining pool contract and shared between PICKS holders according to their holdings.

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MinexSwap is an upcoming DEFI & Collaborative Mining Application on the Binance Smart Chain.

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