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The MinexSwap Hype week was a success, and it was a lot of fun !

We were able to provide some great entertainment for Binance smart chain users while growing our community on twitter and telegram.

Our fundraising for the mining pool contract started, and we are now fully focusing on development and marketing. October / November Data :

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Pickaxes ready, all heading to the mining pool.

EDIT : 8 November 2020

This was the first article we have released to introduce MinexSwap and the project evolved / changed slightly since, please make sure you are getting the latest infos about the project.

The right time, and the right chain.

2020, has been the year of swapping protocols.

The open source Unicorn branded exchange democratized Liquidity pools and made crypto users more and more familiar with instant ERC-20 swaps.


MinexSwap BSC

MinexSwap is an upcoming DEFI & Collaborative Mining Application on the Binance Smart Chain.

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